World of Wildlife

World of Wildlife is a non profit organization which aims to financially support local wildlife projects worldwide.

The advantage of supporting local projects is the organisation’s knowledge of the natural habitat and local jurisdiction. The projects are often situated in or near the natural habitat of the wildlife. This way the animals can be rehabilitated much easier.

Participating and future projects are carefully selected to meet the following criteria:

  • Locally settled organisation
  • Mainly presided and managed by local people
  • Sustainable protection of wildlife and habitat by involving and educating the local population
  • Contributing to local economic development by purchasing goods and food locally and facilitating or contributing towards education
  • Acknowledged by the government
  • Documented accounting concerning the spending of donations and reporting activities and results
  • Engaging in environmentally friendly tourism (eco – tourism) is an advantage

For selecting projects and monitoring actvities we often collaborate intensively with various -preferably Dutch- organisations. Many of these organisations have worked with local projects for years. By visiting the projects regularly, they have extensive knowledfe of the activities of many local organisations. Therefore World of Wildlife does not spend money on making the same visits. By sharing information we save money.

Do you wish to let us know about a project? Leave a message or send an e-mail to 

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