About WoW

World of Wildlife is a non profit organization which aims to financially support local wildlife projects worldwide. These projects are committed to protect, shelter and nurture (endangered) wildlife and its natural habitat. In addition, World of Wildlife’s goal is to create a sustainable involvement of (potential) financial donors. The foundation stands for acting with a positive perspective in mind. It’s fun to help, it’s good to be involved.

World of Wildlife means:

  • Innovative fund-raising
  • Immediate result-oriented support of wildlife projects
  • Extensive information about projects and wildlife
  • 100% of the donations reaches chosen project
  • Collaboration with other charities, trade and industry
  • Offering a positive perspective

Cost structure

World of Wildlife is comprised solely of volunteers. Nobody gets paid. The costs that are made are covered by sponsors, so 100% of the received donations goes directly to the wildlife projects.

Distinguishing feature

At World of Wildlife the donor decides which project he/she supports. This way you donate explicitly to the project that appeals to you the most. World of Wildlife keeps you informed about the development and results of the project of your choice.

Foundation documents

World of Wildlife guarantees transparent procedures.


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